Summer Rewatch Update: A Break From Baking

Well, there’s only three episodes to go in season one of Pushing Daisies now. I hope you’ve been enjoying these recaps as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, as revisiting the show this summer has been an unabashed joy on my end.

That being said, I wanted to let everyone know that there’s going to be a brief gap until the next installment. The day job’s been rather brutal over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been putting in a lot of hours there, meaning that the energy levels of nights and weekends have forced me to limit my content. Additionally, I’ll be traveling home to Wisconsin in the near future for a few days vacation, and between visiting old friends and consuming a few gallons of local brews I’ll be mostly out of radio contact.

As such, there won’t be a Summer Rewatch installment for the next two Thursdays as I a) clear out my backlog of half-finished articles, and b) spend some time in transition away from the TV for a while. Regular coverage of Pushing Daisies‘ first season will resume next month, Thursday August 4, with “The Smell of Success,” followed on August 11 with “Bittersweets.” We’ll wrap up this series on August 18 with a discussion of the season finale “Corpsicle,” as well as some fairly long and occasionally embittered thoughts about the season’s abrupt ending and troubled return.

Again, I hope you’ve been enjoying these articles and eating a lot of pie in response. I’ll return in one week, six days, twenty-two hours and sixteen minutes, heretofore referred to as “when I get back.” For the time being, why not enjoy the last six updates, provided here for your convenience?

About Les Chappell

The Mad Hatter of media criticism. Co-founder of This Was Television, contributor to The A.V. Club, founder of A Helpless Compiler and The Lesser of Two Equals.
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