Test Pilot: Lucky Louie (with Cory Barker)

Long-time readers of the blog might remember that a few months back, I teamed up with friend of the blog and frequent podcasting partner Cory Barker to join his ongoing Test Pilot series, with a discussion of the pilot episode of Sports Night. Cory, for those of you who sadly may not know, runs an excellent series discussing the pilot episodes of various shows, pairing with fellow TV writers to “discuss its historical, cultural and industrial context.”

Well, Cory and I have teamed up once again to discuss a pilot episode, this one being HBO’s 2006 sitcom Lucky Louie. Both of us watched the pilot and wrote about it at length, comparing Louis C.K.’s first effort in television to his much more successful FX show Louie and looking at its interesting move to blend old-fashioned forms with more mature comedy. And in addition to writing the articles, we also decided to fire up the Skype hotline and did a supplemental podcast, talking about our differing views on the show and going into a longer discussion on the multi-cam sitcom format.

So head on over to TVS and check it out – it’s coverage endorsed by Lucky Louie‘s own executive producer Mike Royce as “very insightful stuff… thumbs up!”

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The Mad Hatter of media criticism. Co-founder of This Was Television, contributor to The A.V. Club, founder of A Helpless Compiler and The Lesser of Two Equals.
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