A.V. Club Review: The Borgias, “The Beautiful Deception”

I’ve been saying since I first started watching The Borgias that I could see a better show underneath all the trappings and soap opera drama, and kept watching in the hopes that show would reveal itself. I just never expected it to happen so soon in this second season, or how satisfying it would be when it finally arrived. But it has, and you can read all about in my review of “The Beautiful Deception” over at The A.V. Club. Please read and join the comments – am I crazy to think the show’s gotten better, or do you share my newfound enthusiasm for the next seven episodes?

About Les Chappell

The Mad Hatter of media criticism. Co-founder of This Was Television, contributor to The A.V. Club, founder of A Helpless Compiler and The Lesser of Two Equals.
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