About the Site:

A Helpless Compiler is a website devoted to contemporary and not-so-contemporary television, looking at various shows and trends through the unique viewpoint of its founder, Les Chappell.

Opinions here are solely those of the author, and are not influenced by contributions from any studio or individual.

About the Author:

The self-described Mad Hatter of media criticism, Les Chappell evolved into a TV critic as a consequence of spending too much time talking TV with like-minded individuals and deciding to do something productive with it. Les’s interests in television run the gamut from cult classics, guilty pleasures and shows that may be too smart for their own good.

In addition to A Helpless Compiler, Les is also one of the founding members of This Was Television, a website devoted to viewing classic television through a contemporary lens. He is a freelancer for The A.V. Club‘s TV Club (where his regular coverage includes The Borgias and Falling Skies), founder and editor of the book review site The Lesser of Two Equals, and a recurring contributor to CC2K Online and TV Surveillance.

Les is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Journalism, where in addition to getting a degree he worked for The Daily Cardinal student newspaper as a staff writer, copy editor, columnist and reviewer. In addition to TV coverage, he is a former staff writer for WTN Media, and has written feature articles for The Escapist and Beer West.

He currently lives in Portland, OR, where he has a social life despite all evidence to the contrary and observes the goings on from a deluxe apartment in the sky. Interested parties can follow him on Twitter, battle him on Xbox under the gamer tag LesIsMore909, or email him directly at lmchappell@gmail.com.

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