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Justifying: Season 2, Part 2

Welcome back to my analysis of the second season of FX’s Justified, coming to you a week ahead of schedule. I was originally going to slot this installment in after the next episode, breaking the analysis into three sections of … Continue reading

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Reaction: Netflix and House of Cards

I’m sure that most of the major networks would disagree with me, but as a consumer I think Netflix is the best thing to happen to TV. Since getting a subscription a few months back, I’ve watched more TV than … Continue reading

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Seasonal Review: Portlandia, Season 1

In the past two and a half years, I have spent six hours at once wandering through a four-story bookstore that covers a city block. I have seen bars with at least 20 people in Santa suits playing pool, and … Continue reading

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Random Analysis: Game of Thrones Poster

As a fantasy devotee, an incisive critic of media inspired by literature, and someone hungry for a quality show to cover on a weekly basis that I can follow from Day One, I’ve naturally been thrilled for the upcoming launch … Continue reading

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Justifying: Season 2, Part 1

In the second episode of “Justified’s” sophmore season, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Winona Hawkins (Natalie Zea) appear to be having a friendly conversation about his wardrobe, but it begins heating up into an argument as soon … Continue reading

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One From the Vaults: Escapist Features

I can already hear the protests coming from some of you: “Oh, so he’s starting a new blog and his first official post is stuff he’s already written before. What a hack! No original thoughts to speak of! Get off … Continue reading

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A Rambling Inauguration to Future Rambling

Greetings hearts and minds! Welcome to A Helpless Compiler, the latest of the blog incarnations to spring from the mind of Les Chappell. Viewed by some as the next incisive wit to approach the offerings of popular culture, and viewed … Continue reading

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